Churdhar Peak Trek

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A moderate trek through breathtaking scenery to Churdhar peak

Location - Himachal
Date - On Request
Duration - 4 Days

Why this experience?

A moderate trek through breathtaking scenery to Churdhar peak.
Churdhar Trek is one of the high altitude treks which is closest to Delhi. With height of 3647 metres, it is also the highest peak in outer Himalayas. It is like an oasis of alpine area in an ocean of temperate forests. This is an excellent area for trekking during summer and early winters. The view from Churdhar peak is unparalleled. One is sure to come across a large number of multi-coloured and agile Monals in the adjoining forests. Trekking from sarain is tough but enjoyable.

What happens on the day?

Sarahan-Jubbar-Kala Bagh-Lower Peak-Churdhar Peak

4 Days: Base camp to base camp

Highlights Traditional Himachali Home Stay & Food, Breathtaking Scenery

Trek Gradient Moderate

Altitude 12000 Ft.


Season May-September (Jan-April Snow Trek)

1 Person - $180USD per day
2+ Person - $125USD Minimum 2 per person per day
4+ Person - $90USD Minimum 4 per person per day

InclusionsAll meals (3 meals per day), Gear, Guide, Logistics Support on Trek