OUR Team

Mehar Singh - Company Director

It's Mehar Singh!! He organizes everything Wahoe India Travel related. So that includes our slum tours, city tours etc and charity travel. We are very grateful to him as all of his profits go directly to Wahoe Commune to help with our education, women empowerment and community kitchen projects.

Jitender Chawla(Vicky) - Director of Marketing

Jitender often tells people he counts Madhuri Dixit amongst his inner circle of friends but really, he only met her at an airport once. Their friendship has been on the rocks ever since. With a so many stories of his life and India culture, he is now a complete man. Armed with a degree in marketing, a volunteer spell in the India and countless experiences all over India to bore his future grandchildren with, Jitender now continues his Wahoe adventure in main bazar,Paharganj,New Delhi.He works for KYM project online

Ripu Daman Thakur - Online Manager

My name is Ripu Daman Thakur and I am from Mandi Himachal Pradesh. I have done (D.H.M Diploma in hotel management and B.T.S Bachelor of tourism study) I am working with Wahoe India As Online assistant my work is to deal with charitable tours by giving proper and appropriate information regarding our tour which we conducting In North part of India and also update all the activities regarding Wahoe India Travel which will be relevant and beneficial to our guest and travelers. Ripu Daman Thakur

Miss. Bharti Lamba - Slum Area Director

Bharati was born in Delhi she completed her schooling in Baleet nagar. Whilst in school, Bharati volunteered with charities participated in several charity runs and donated time to homeless shelters such as the Baljeet nagar welfare association. After working and travelling she chose to join Wahoe and set up the projects in Slums. She is now managing the teaching and sports programs in Slums and continues to help make a difference in the community.

Chamanlal Nehta - Slum Guide

This is Chaman, he teaches computers and sorts out the admin. He also helps the volunteers with anything they need and leads slum tours

Manoj Arora - Assit. Field Director

Having lived and worked for many years as a volunteer and teacher in Delhi, Manoj has been largely responsible for the development of Wahoe. He continues to be involved in all aspects of the day to day running of Wahoe and travels extensively throughout the year to Wahoe field stations.

Manju Sisodia - Countryside Director

After leaving village, Manju worked for the one hotel in Goa. In 2008, he traveled 21,0nautical miles across trans-himalayas, stopping in 18 villlages to promote environmental protection and local green initiatives. In 2011, Manju helped setup Wahoe's operations in Trans-himalayas working in partnership with The local communities. Manju is keen to continue to promote both the development of Trans-himalayas underprivileged communities and the protection of unique environmental assets.

Vikas Chauhan - Countryside Director

Mr. Vikas Chauhan works for the conservation programme in Himalayas. He was born in a small village called Nirath, and now he works with Wahoe in Manali, a beautiful village with a very famous sun temple. After graduating from university, Vikas worked in the field of travel and tourism. Due to the fact that he comes from a farming family, he knows much about organic farming and animal rearing. Additionally, he has great knowledge of local Himalayan herbs, as well as Ayurvedic medicinal practices. Vikas has experience taking his clients on treks in the trans-Himalayan region, in areas such as Spiti, Kinnour and Manali. Now he will focus his energies on our commune's conservation programme.

Vipin - Countryside Director

This is Vipin, our member in Manali who organises all mountain trails and safaris for our projects, if you are ready for an eco-adventure, then you are more than welcome here.

Gurvinder - Spiritual Guide

He is a spiritual healer and guide. At the moment he is bringing all the different parts of Wahoe together

Mamta - Assit. Faculty

This is Mamta, a teaching assistant in our main school. She came to Delhi from her small village in the moutains. She is the youngest sister of Chaman and Mehar.

Neelu - Teacher

This is Neelu the teacher of our small school in Nautanwa near the boarder of Nepal. She is a great teacher and also a great host, keen to share her cooking skills and traditional henna painting. Currently she has a mixture of children paying and recieving free education. We hope she will be able to support more children once she has moved into her new house with a space dedicated to the childrens classroom. She also has two wonderful children Janu and Palak who help with the teaching.

Gyani Devi - Volunteer

she is our respected member Gyani Devi.She lives in Siri village.Without her we could not think of village empowerment in this village.you could enjoy her warm hospitality whenever you will be there.

Sheela Kashyap - Volunteer

This is Sheela Kashyap from Shimla. She is part of our women empowerment project and as seen in her lap she has been busy making cushion covers.

Surender - Company Assitant

This is Surender, he is the cook at Wahoe Commune and will help with the Community Kitchen

Harpreet Kaur - Director of Education

Harpreet (Preeti) has been in her world since 2007 when she came over to Wahoe on a 1 way ticket and never left. With a background in art and environmental education and experience teaching in schools, Preeti took a job teaching English to secondary school students in Government School. After 4 years of enjoying the challenges of language teaching and learning, gaining her B.Ed and immersing herself in the language and culture of Delhi slums, Preeti joined Wahoe in 2007 to start the Slum teaching and community projects in Delhi. Preeti is fluent in local language and loves working with the local communities in slum areas. She enjoys providing support for all the Wahoe projects and aiding Wahoe in running some of the best volunteer projects in the India and Nepal.

Kehar Singh - Countryside Director

His name is Kehar Singh. He has lived in Siri village all of his life, and can show you everything there is to know about this place! He loves living in a rural area and his enthusiasm is infectious. While he may not know much English, communication isn't a problem, as he greets volunteers and shows them around with patience and a smile.

Amrit Khanna - Director of Business Development

Amrit has been a key member of the Wahoe team since joining in Manali in 2011. He has run and managed expeditions in manali since 2011.He is young,enthusiastic and very kind hearted persom.He could be the first contact in Manali for our conservation programme.

Vinay - Field Director

Vinay joined Wahoe in 2002 and has been key in the set up and running of most of Wahoe's programs and the support structure that makes Wahoe so special. Vinay has dedicated his working life to conservation, community development and sustainable resource use.. He is also one of Wahoe's Child Protection Officers. His boundless energy and enthusiasm, commitment to conservation and sustainable development initiatives, determination to work in partnership with local communities, strong background in working internationally with governmental, non-profit and commercial organisations and his experience of living, training and working with volunteers internationally, make him ideal for Wahoe

Deepak Sharma - Mountain Guide

This is Deepak Sharma. He has extensive knowledge of the Himalayas, and can organise trekking, jeep safaris, camping, and any other adventurous pursuit travellers wish to undertake to explore this beautiful region. A substantial proportion of all trips organised by Deepak goes straight to charity. And to add to this, he is very helpful and friendly!

Ashu - Mountain Guide

He is our part of team in Shimla and assist Wahoe in charity Hikes and treks.He is very gentle and kind hearted person and always there to help you.

Saroj - Volunteer

She is our new member of team from Trans Himalayan region.She lives in Tikri Village and working for women empowerment and making bags and other products for our souvenir shop.

Aruna Khanna - Assit. Manager

This is Aruna from Shimla. She gives travelers the great opportunity to stay at her homestay and she is also corporating a lot with travelers.

Sandeepan Kaur - Regional Director

This is Sandeepan who lives in Shimla most the year. She works in administration for the Shimla office. She helps the volunteers with any information that they need concerning the projects managed by Wahoe's Shimla branch, whether it's women's empowerment, village empowerment, child education, or the conservation programme in the Himalayas.

Suman Sharma - Volunteer

Suman Sharma is a very warm and welcoming host for the Galot village project. She has many skills and is a great cook! Volunteers stay with Suman and her family, in their home, when they work in Galot. At other times, she teaches Hindi to the local village children, so is well-known in the community. Experiencing her hospitality is a highlight for every volunteer who works on the Galot project.

Suraj Narang - Teacher

This is Suraj Gurang from Nepal. He got inspired from our manali education project and started education program in his village Chitwan (Nepal.). Hopefully he will join us in future with our Nepal project.

Situ - Teacher

This is Situ, she is the teacher of our girls school in Kukas, on the edge of Jaipur. Situ is very enthusiastic and although she only speaks very basic english herself, she tries her hardest to teach the girls what she knows. We hope that she will keep up her confidence to continue the Kukas school. She was also a great host and made us very comfortable with the rest of her family.

Gajan Singh - Meditation Teacher

Gajan Singh is a music and meditation teacher who contribute harmonium classes and spiritual lessons to the students in the main school of Wahoe commune every day in the evening. Everybody is welcomed to join.

Saripa - Online Manager

First of all I would like to thank Wahoe India Travel for giving me this opportunity to present myself.

My name is saripa and I am from Shimla district. I have done my schooling and college from shimla .I did my post graduation from H.P.U. Now I have an opportunity to work with Wahoe India Travel. I am Incharge of Charitable Tours. I will plan all the Charitable Tours by giving proper suggestions to our clients and will update all the activities regarding Wahoe India Travel. Hope it will be helpful for our customers who will join our tours for Charitable Course.

I sincerely thank to Mr. Mehar Singh (Director of Wahoe India Travel) and Wahoe team for giving me this opportunity as a Tour Adviser. Now I will help on line to Mehar Singh, who is already organizing all the services related to Charitable Tours. He is very sincere to his work. He is doing a fabulous job. In future any kind of suggestions and inquiries about our Charitable Tours, I will be there to help you. We together will try to give our customers best services at utmost level.