Shimla Hills ( 11 days )

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Shimla, Narkanda, Sarahan, Bali, Sungri, Rohru, Madhol, Pouta, Choupal, Shimla

Day 1 :

Take your car and start driving on the Hindustan-Tibet road from Shimla town passing through the Civil Secretariat., Sanjauli and Dhalli to reach Wild Flower Hall which has become a must for every traveler's who come to shimla(building now has been destroyed by fire).Then proceed to Kufri top to visit Himalayan snow clad ranges and Himalayan zoo. Retreat to the main road and drive to another enchanting place named fagu to enjoy the heavenly views of the valleys and snowy mountains over the cup of tea in the garden. Narkanda should be the natural choice of night stay either in the circuit house or the tourist Bungalow on the top of the hill to enjoy the sunset and the Hatu Peak temple this place can be three days halt to visit Hatu Peak, Ski Slopes, Kotgarh orchard belt, Kumarsain and other nearby places.

Day 2 :

Pack up and start for Sarahan-other charming places via Nirth, Dutt Nagar and Ramped bushehar through the Satluj valley. At Nirth there is an old Surya (sun) temple said to have been build by Parshuram and Dutt nagar is known for its archaeological importance. Rampur Bushehar has the palace of the Raja, some old temples and is the venue for famous Lavi Fair. It has beautiful circuit house and rest house but the placewould be hot so Sarahan is recommended for night stay.

Day 3 :

Located on the hills, Sarahan has the Srikand has the Srikand mountain range in mountain range in front with so many peaks, nearby the forests and down below the Satluj flowing through the narrow valley. There is a famous Bhima Kali temple and the palace of the Raja. Tourist Bungalow and the rest houses are available. One wishes to stay here permanently but alas! But this cannot happen. After some distance away Kinnaur district starts.

Day 4 :

On return, follow the upper road via Dofda and Goura to Rampur viewing the mountain ranges and passing through forests and small villages. From Nogli bridge drive to Bhali where you can see a continuous range of Kinnaur mountains from the rest house. It is again a wonderful place for night halt if one feels. The surroundings and environment are superb.

Day 5 :

Drive to Sungri from where the a road bifurcates to Rohru but we wish you to proceed to kotkhai via Khadrala and Bagi through the forest road .At both these places there are rest houses with beautiful surroundings.

Day 6 :

There is a steep gradient road to Khara-Pathar, which is the gateway to Pabbar valley. There is a beautiful view of the long mountain range from here besides the interesting sight of the valley, forests and the villages. Nearby located a holy place known as Giri Ganga at the base of Kuper tibba from where the Giri River is originating. This place is most suitable for pilgrimage and sking in the winter. After visiting stay at Pouta Village.This village is famous for its magnificient views of Chanshal ranges and surroundings. Drive to Jubbal City to see the Royal Palace made in 1930 by French architect. On the way, visit Hatkoti., an ancient temple of Durga having a life-sized 10th century bronze idol of the goddess, which is an extraordinary workmanship. Another temple is of Shiva.There is a very big handy (iron pot) which has so many stories behind it. Nearby there is a place said to be the Virat Nagar of the Mahabharat time and the whole place is of archaeological interest .Two to three days are enough but the archaeologists, poets, writers can stay in pouta village as much as they feel like.

Day 7 :

Further go upto Chirgaon on the road. After this point tribal area of dodra kwar begins which has to be visited on foot as there are no roads but is the home of wild flowers, wide and long meadows and glaciers with passes to worlds most beautiful valley Sangla (Kinnaur) and Uttranchal.

Day 8 :

Turn back on the same road till Hatkoti and follow another road leading to Massori via Sawra, Pandranoo, Arakot and Tiuni.Then leave this road to follow another road to Chaupal via Peontra, Kedi and Khadar.

Day 9 :

After a day's stay at Chaupal viewing the beautiful mountain ranges and walking around the town, it is suggested to spare one day for the most attractive place known as Choor Dhar Peak (3647m) where there is a Srigul or the Bijjat temple (lighting God) near the top. This peak is the pilgrimage point for the devotees, paradise for the botanists and a good day's trek for the trekkers. The area around has been included in the wild life sanctuary.

Day 10 :

Drive early in the morning to Sarain (sarahan), leave the car there and start climbing which is likely to take 4 to 5 hours. From top a grand view of U.P. Mountains, Ganjetic plains and other hills is superb. Return to Sarain, visit the Bijjat temple and back to Chaupal.

Day 11 :

Next morning to Shimla via chaila, theog and Fagu.This has become almost a circuit of this district which can be shortened or lengthened as per the time and interest


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2+ Person - $60US Minimum 2 per person per day

4+ Person - $45US Minimum 4 per person per day