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Slum Walk Tour, New Delhi

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Slum Walk Tour

Local guides, slum area residents

Delhi's largest slum area

Educational & safe

An eye opening experience

Our most popular tour takes you to Baljeet Nagar Slum, commonly known as Delhi's largest slum area and home to around one million residents. Walk with us and witness an eye opening experience that you will never forget.

Slum Walk Tour   Slum Walk Tour   Slum Walk Tour   Slum Walk Tour  

Our experienced and passionate guides are Santan and Chaman, both of whom are local residents of Baljeet Nagar. Santan has lived in the Baljeet Nagar community his entire life and Chaman for the past 3 years. Both care deeply about their communities and are very knowledgeable about the struggles this area faces.


Expect a sensory overload of sights and sounds, smells and experiences. It will be a learning experience that gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture. The people here are always very friendly and intrigued by the presence of a foreign visitor. As you encounter the community of this slum area go about their daily business children will call out hello and wave to you.

Here are a just a few of the things you will see on this tour

We take you to visit a local family in the community; many of the children from this family attend classes at our SlumSchool

We take you to visit our Baljeet Nagar School and Slum School where we teach over 150 children from the Baljeet Nagar community

We take you the amazing viewpoint at the highest point of the slum, a breathtaking view of New Delhi looking out to the North

Visit a local factory in the middle of the slum, where factory workers labour tirelessly

Any good at cricket? Why not join in and have a hit with the local children, who really love the game


The price for our Slum Walk Tour is Around 650/-. The best times to take the tour are in the evening time, when the sun is setting or early in the morning when the people start their day. Our meeting points are either at our shop in Pahar Ganj, Main Bazaar or at Shadipur Metro station. It's also very important to wear enclosed shoes and appropriate clothing on the walk.