WHY Charitable Tours?

Our profits go directly back to the local communities you visit. In choosing to contribute to Wahoe Charitable Tours you will receive in return a true experience of the real India and the opportunity to give directly to those who need it, a reward in itself.

What is Charitable Tourism?

Although a fairly new term, many developmental organisations have been using different forms of charitable tourism as a tool to fund their projects for some time now. This approach is also creates self sustainability for their projects. Our sister NGO 'Wahoe Commune' is currently seeking ways to create self-sufficiency in their projects; this will be able to happen by creating income generating projects on the ground in their country, rather than relying on international sponsors and donors . There are many reasons why a developmental organisational would take up this approach, the most obvious being that NGO's lack funding from government or international partners, as well as these organisations see the benefit of creating projects on the ground. This sustainable approach creates opportunities and jobs for the local people and generates a more reliable source of funding.

Charitable tourism is just one method of creating self sufficiency for our projects. We also have a Women's Empowerment gift shop, where hand-made products are sold. These products are made by women in the Baljeet Nagar community who attend our Women's Empowerment classes. The funds raised from our gift shop go directly towards empowering the women in the Baljeet Nagar community.

Is It Right to take a Slum Tour?

There has been some controversy over the topic in recent years. You like many, may be thinking to yourself 'is it ethical to take a tour of a slum?'

Our slum walk tour is an enlightening exploration of a local area which gives tourists and visitors an opportunity to see firsthand the adversity that the people living in these communities endure on a daily basis as well as the contrasting values of first world to slum.

With profits from each of our tours going directly towards creating a brighter future for the people living in the Baljeet Nagar slum area, we believe it is the decent and moral thing to do in order to create educated and understanding tourism.